Below you will find more information about Storax Racking Supplies, Storax Solutions (Supplies’ parent company in the UK) and the Ramada-Storax Group in Portugal.

The Group has a long pedigree that stretches back 80 years and a firm foundation, which is just one reason why people buy Ramada-Storax products: they can be confident that they are guaranteed long-term continuity of supply for after-sales and service.

Storax Racking Supplies

Storax Racking Supplies was established in May 2003 following the unexpected demise of Dexion Ltd. Our primary intention was to provide a Speedlock Mk3®-compatible product to service the thousands of companies who suddenly had no reliable source for spares, repairs and add-ons to their warehouse racking. Today Storax Racking Supplies and Storax SP80 racking are well-established names with an impressive and growing…

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Storax Solutions

Storax Ltd, based in Bromsgrove in the Midlands, are Storax Racking Supplies’ Head Office. They specialise in designing and installing turn-key systems for clients across the world, especially those who need to maximise their storage capacity - for example in cold stores where space is expensive - or for applications requiring rapid bulk handling of goods, or for systems that need to…

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Ramada Storax Group

F Ramada was founded in Ovar in northern Portugal in 1935 by Francisco Ramada. Initially manufacturing saws and tools, the business progressively developed into other areas of engineering activity.  In 1958 Ramada entered into a relationship with Dexion Ltd, becoming a formal licenced manufacturer of Dexion’s unique Slotted Angle adjustable shelving system. From 1958 onwards Ramada expanded their product offering under the…

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