Ramada Storax Group

F Ramada was founded in Ovar in northern Portugal in 1935 by Francisco Ramada. Initially manufacturing saws and tools, the business progressively developed into other areas of engineering activity.  In 1958 Ramada entered into a relationship with Dexion Ltd, becoming a formal licenced manufacturer of Dexion’s unique Slotted Angle adjustable shelving system.

From 1958 onwards Ramada expanded their product offering under the licencee agreement. This included the introduction of Speedlock Mk3® pallet racking and Impex® bolt-free shelving in the 1970’s.

Independent since the 1990’s, Ramada Storax have continued to produce the Speedlock Mk3® racking system under the ‘SP80’ brand name and Impex® shelving under the ‘IM50’ brand name.

Drawing on their long engineering pedigree they have introduced subtle enhancements and improvements to maintain compliance with European and UK design standards.

Ramada Storax Beam painting and packing line.

Today Ramada Storax export to countries across every continent and offer a range of storage solutions, including drive-in, pushback, cantilever and dynamic racking systems, longspan and economy shelving, mobile bases and clad-rack buildings. They also produce ‘Ranger’ – a unique specialist high-density shuttle system. See our ‘Products’ section – ‘High-density racking’ page for more information.

Ramada Storax Beam Testing Rig.

With in-house metallurgical testing facilities and rigorous quality control methodologies, Ramada Storax has gone from strength to strength since the 1990’s, strategically acquiring cold storage specialists in the UK (Storax Racking Systems Ltd) and in France, and creating new divisions from scratch in Belgium and Spain.


Ramada Storax beams for a Storax Supplies customer's job, waiting to be painted.

In 2003 when Dexion Ltd ceased trading, Ramada Storax backed the creation of a new trading division of Storax Racking Systems Ltd to supply the UK racking trade: this division is Storax Racking Supplies.

Ramada Storax beams finished in special corporate colour for Storax Supplies' customer.

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