SP80 / Speedlock Mk3® Compatibility statement

Every so often we are contacted by people who have been advised not to use Storax SP80 in original Dexion Speedlock Mk3® installations.  We understand people’s concerns: a rack collapse can be serious.

The fact is that ALL Speedlock Mk3®-compatible products are made in different factories than where the original system was produced – and this includes the product now sold and branded as Speedlock Mk3® by the Constructor Group. The original Dexion factory in Hemel Hempstead north of London was demolished in 2004 after Dexion ceased trading in May 2003.

Conversely, the Ramada Storax factory in northern Portugal and the core machinery that was supplied and commissioned by Dexion Ltd as part of their licencee agreement is still going strong, producing racking to both SEMA and EN design standards in a single-source location.

Ramada-Storax factory, Ovar, Portugal.

As Dexion’s appointed licencee in Portugal, Ramada Storax produced Speedlock Mk3® from the early 1970’s until the 1990’s. The uprights were physically stamped ‘DEXION SPEEDLOCK’ and the system was marketed and sold under the Speedlock Mk3® brand name. Dexion Ltd took the decision to allow all worldwide licences to lapse in the 1990’s, but retained the exclusive rights to the Speedlock® brand name. Ramada Storax continued to manufacture their racking, but they were obliged to re-brand it under a new name.  They opted for ‘SP80’: SP (“SPeedlock”) and 80 (80mm upright face).

Since the 1990’s the Ramada Storax ‘SP80’ system has under-gone some rationalisation and development; tooling and machinery have been updated and modernised; full quality control, metallurgical testing and traceability from raw steel to finished item has been introduced. Nonetheless, the product made and sold by Ramada today remains essentially the same as when it was made under licence and branded as Speedlock Mk3®.

SP80 Beam in SP80 Upright.

SP80 Beam in Speedlock® Upright

SP80 Upright spliced with Speedlock® Upright

The Ramada Storax long association with Dexion Ltd – unique in Europe – is why we have been able to help users to maintain and extend hundreds of Speedlock Mk3® sites safely and confidently by supplying thousands of tonnes of SP80 parts since Storax Racking Supplies was established in June 2003.