IM50 Bolt-free Shelving

Storax IM50 is a hand-loaded, bolt-free shelving system which remains as popular today as it was when it was launched in the 1970’s. With open or clad configurations and 2 popular colour options, IM50 is ideal, whether you need a simple bay of shelving, a complex two-tier or a high-rise order picking solution.

Storax IM50 is available in front-to-back depths ranging from 305mm to 914mm and left-to-right spans from 914mm to 1982mm. It can be constructed at virtually any height, up to 11 metres. Two-tier installations incorporating operator walkways can exploit building height, while high-rise installations using picking cranes can maximise storage by reducing aisle widths. It can also be mounted onto mobile bases to make high-density low-rise shelving.

This versatile product allows you to tailor a shelving system to your precise requirements, making storage, segregation and identification of parts easy and efficient. And, with its smooth lines and neat finish, Storax IM50 is equally suitable for use in industrial or semi-commercial environments.

As well as offering the perfect storage solution for new projects, Storax IM50 components are also fully interchangeable with the original Dexion Impex® system, and can integrate seamlessly to extend or adapt existing installations.

Launched in 2010, our Storax ‘Thrifty’ IM50 shelving range offers all of the traditional quality and advantages of bolt-free shelving, at market-leading prices.