Cantilever Racking

Storax Cantilever racking provides bespoke storage for materials of all shapes and sizes, in both static and dynamic applications. It is particularly suitable for the storage of long, bulky and irregular-shaped items that can’t be palletised. It can be used with all designs and makes of fork lift trucks and handling equipment.

Cantilever racks are ideally suited to the storage of long thin items such as pipes, bars, tubes and cylinders as well as larger materials such as bulk timber, plasterboard sheets, panels, flat-pack furniture and racking sections.

Manufactured from thin gauge, cold rolled steel, the Storax Cantilever system is light but strong. The 3 main components – basebeams, uprights and arms – are produced in a range of duties and sections. This allows a tailored system to be designed for almost any application.

The key to the system’s versatility is its uncomplicated design. Storax Cantilever racking is a bolted system, which means that on-site assembly requires only simple lifting equipment and basic tools.

The adjustable arms can be fitted on a 100mm pitch for maximum flexibility. They are simply offered up at the desired height and are held in place with a security pin, which locates into the upright slot.