Drive-in Racking

Storax manufacture 2 versatile, high-density variants of Drive-in and Drive-through racking for ‘first-in, last-out’ applications. The storage density greatly reduces the floor area required and can produce significant savings on associated running costs such as heating, lighting, rent and rates.

Standard Storax Drive-In is designed around Storax SP80 or SP115 pallet racking, utilising a customised range of additional parts to create a simple bolted construction. Storax High-bay Drive-In is ideal when vertical height is available to be exploited.  It can be supplied and loaded up to 13 metres high, by virtue of its bespoke ‘I’ section upright and tie bracing arrangement.

Both systems use a specially formed beam rail which serves both as the pallet guide and as the pallet storage rail: this design minimises the number of different components. Storax Drive-In rails are available in a choice of two widths which can accommodate standard-sized pallets or pallets with overhanging loads.

A choice of integral floor-mounted truck- and pallet guide rails complete with upright protectors can be provided to further assist safe, efficient load handling.