DX Slotted Angle

Slotted Angle launched the modern storage products industry over 70 years ago, and remains a firm favourite today!

Storax DX Slotted Angle is simple to use, strong and versatile. It is quickly and easily cut to size and bolts together to form frameworks which can be readily modified, dismantled and repeatedly re-used.

This multi-purpose construction system lets you custom build shelving, benches, trollies, partitioning, fire barriers, and countless other applications, without the need for welding, drilling or painting.

Available from stock in a variety of profiles and lengths, the range includes accessories such as nuts & bolts, corner plates, baseplates and shelf clips. The unique system of slot patterns used throughout the range means that all sections can be combined together in the same installation. DOSP (DX open steel plank) floor decking can also be supplied for walkways.

As well as being the perfect construction solution for new projects, Storax DX Slotted Angle components are fully interchangeable with the original Dexion Slotted Angle system and can integrate seamlessly to extend or adapt existing installations.

In addition, Storax ‘Thrifty’ DX Angle Shelving range offers low cost bolted shelving for all general storage applications.