High-Density Storage

As you might expect from one of Europe’s largest storage equipment manufacturers, the Storax range of products is not just limited to adjustable pallet racking and hand loaded shelving. The Ramada-Storax Group manufactures a full range of products designed to maximise the use of the available space and headroom in warehouses, cold stores and distribution centres.

Mobile Pallet Racking – The Storax (‘Barpro’) name has been synonymous with mobile pallet racking for 50 years. Standard pallet racking is mounted on mobile bases which move on tracks set into the floor. This enables a single operating aisle to be opened wherever it is needed, creating dense storage with 100% accessibility to each location.

Drive-In Racking – Storax manufacture 2 versatile, high-density storage products used as Drive-In and Drive-through racking for ‘first-in, last-out’ storage applications.

Dynamic Pallet Racking – Storax SP80 & SP115 pallet racking systems make the ideal structure to support dynamic pallet racking products such as push-back rack and gravity-fed roller systems. Storax can supply the complete package, or just the framework to support your own tracks & trollies.

Storax Ranger – The Storax Ranger is a high-density storage facility which is loaded using standard fork lift trucks. Remotely-controlled, programmable shuttles store, locate and retrieve palletised loads within a drive-in-inspired racking structure. Once programmed the shuttle works independently, marshalling pallets as required.

Storax 2-Store – The 2-Store drive-in racking system is unique in Europe. It is designed to allow 2 pallets to be loaded, stored and unloaded at the same time using a specially-adapted fork lift truck with 2 sets of forks. Storax 2-Store can double productivity and offers significant operating savings.