Protec Rack Protection

Storax Protec provides versatile, cost-effective protection when racking and shelving is at risk of damage by mechanical handling equipment.

As well as reducing downtime and replacement costs, the standard RAL2009 ‘traffic orange’ finish can increase operator- and pedestrian safety by creating high-visibility rack demarcation.

The Storax Protec range includes floor-mounted guards, protector kits for use at the ends of racking bays and sacrificial leg assemblies for use within Storax SP80, SP115 and original Dexion Speedlock® pallet racking systems.

Floor-mounted column guards are available in a range of styles and sizes, to suit all Storax upright/baseplate combinations; they can also be used with many other racking manufacturers’ systems.

Protec rack-end protectors are supplied as a complete kit for use with single- and double-entry racks. Kits can be supplied with a choice of column guard styles to match other guards in the installation.


In sites where a high incidence of damage is experienced, sacrificial leg units can be fitted to the front uprights of Storax SP80, Storax SP115, and original Dexion *Speedlock® pallet racking frames. This makes future repairs simple, quick and inexpensive.