SP80 Pallet Racking

Storax SP80 pallet racking provides efficient storage for pallets of all types and sizes, in both static and dynamic applications. With a full range of accessories available, it is also ideally suited for storing bulk loads and irregular-shaped items and can be used with all designs and makes of fork lift trucks and mechanical handling equipment.

Frames up to 12 meters high can be created without splicing, making SP80 especially cost-effective in high-bay installations. It can be used as simple pallet racking or in more sophisticated storage applications such as mobile racking, push back rack and dynamic roller racking. Whatever the requirement, you can be confident that Storax SP80 will measure up to the job.

With a pedigree that stretches back to the 1970’s Storax SP80’s current design still remains 100% backwardly-compatible with original Dexion *Speedlock Mk3® and can be used with complete confidence for extensions, spares, repairs and add-ons to existing *Speedlock® installations. Please visit our ‘Compatibility’ tab for more information about this.

Two system variations are available, to comply with UK SEMA design standards and the latest European design standard EN15512 (formerly FEM10.2.02). Both options can be sourced through the Storax distribution network.

Many of our trade partners have bought SP80 racking as their product of choice for both repairs and new installations for over a decade: its reputation as a good-quality, well-engineered, competitive racking system is firmly established in the UK and Europe.

*Speedlock Mk3® is a registered trade name of the Constructor Group