SP55 Longspan Shelving

Storax SP55 Longspan is a hand-loaded shelving system that is easily adjusted and offers a wide range of options to meet virtually every storage need, whether you need a single bay of shelving, or a complex two-tier or an order picking solution.

By combining different sizes of frames, beams and decking types, it is possible to create your perfect storage solution. SP55 is available from 400mm to 1200mm deep and from 900mm to 3000mm wide. Its modular design means that bays of different sizes and spans can be combined in the same installation for ultimate flexibility.

Shelf levels can be decked with chipboard, timber, galvanised steel or metal mesh, making it suitable for storing anything from cartonised goods to long, bulky items. Accessories such as garment hanging rails mean that specialist applications can also be accommodated.